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An innovative approach to cyber safety trusted by school communities across the globe

Less distraction = more learning

How to maximise the benefits of classroom technology while minimising distractions and protecting students’ wellbeing? That’s the key challenge for educators in today’s digital age.

Our world-leading approach is meeting that challenge in premier schools around the world every day, integrating best-in-class technology with expert educational support across the school community.

Web Content Filtering

Reduce the workload for network admins and provide seamless access to the internet for learning without compromising reporting

1:1/BYO Device Management

Monitoring, management and filtering of all devices. Stop hotspotting and VPN usage. Safer students. Fewer distractions. Better outcomes

Student Mobile Phone Management

Apply school network rules on personal devices during school time no matter what network they’re on

Cyber Safety Reporting

Discover the apps and sites students are accessing to identify at-risk individuals

Classroom Tools

Give classroom control back to teachers - screen and content visibility of all devices in class, including BYOD and 1:1

Community Engagement

Cyber experts, tools, resources and ongoing education for parents, teachers and students to drive positive digital citizenship

Cyber Expert Program - The Family Zone Difference

Powerful people. Exceptional support.

Acclaimed academics, educators, psychologists and law‑enforcement professionals ‑ Cyber Experts will consult with staff and across your entire school community to provide up‑to‑the‑minute research, advice and support. Delivering education sessions and supporting you in curriculum design, policy formulation and compliance.


A Day in the Life of a Digital Student

What a difference a day makes, with Family Zone.