School-safe internet

Keeping students safe and focused with the flexibility to explore

Allow non technical staff to manage content access

Keeping students safe and focused with the flexibility to explore

Comprehensive Filtering

Individualised filtering for all devices & users

Comprehensive and easy to use network-level filtering allows schools to restrict access to websites and apps based on group membership, category, time of day, network location, device and more.

Block inappropriate content

There's plenty of content that has no place in schools. Family Zone prevents access to inappropriate content on your network and stops nasty surprises for students.

Easy to administer filtering

Our easy to use management website allows non technical staff to manage student filtering and guest access without having to depend on IT assistance.

Reduce distractions

For all the benefits devices bring to a blended learning environment, they also bring the potential for distraction. Family Zone makes it easy to reduce online time wasting.

Student custodian alerting

Teachers can receive an alert should a child in their class attempt to access inappropriate or distracting content enabling immediate redress of their behaviour.

Content Filtering Features

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SSL Filtering without Decryption

Filter SSL sites without the need to install SSL certificates on devices.

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Dynamic URL Database

Education specific database using multiple categorisation methods.

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Differentiated Schedule Policies

Control access by time of the day, and day of the week.

“The Family Zone ecosystem is unique in providing a complete end-to-end solution for schools in terms of duty of care and educational outcomes, with the addition of community engagement and support.”

Yugon Chobanoff
IT Director, John XXIII College

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