Family Zone Education

Supporting schools, parents and students during remote learning

With schools having to turn to remote learning to continue the education of students, Family Zone would like to help empower schools & parents to achieve the shared goal of keeping students safe and on-task online.

What we are offering
We are offering our filtering services to all Australian and New Zealand schools and their parents for no cost, until the end of Term 2, 2020.  These tools will ensure students stay safe and focussed online while studying from home. We are able to achieve this by deploying filtering tools for both school-owned devices and BYO devices. The benefits of employing these technologies are threefold; 

  • Better learning outcomes - Students are focussed on learning during school time by eliminating digital distractions.
  • Safer learning environments - Students have better protection from the threat of online harm, which is of greater danger during remote learning due to their increased amount of unsupervised and unfiltered screen time.

  • Duty of care provided - Schools are able to uphold the duty of care on school-owned devices or school-administered accounts (such as Google accounts).

School Support

Protecting School-owned Devices
To protect school-owned devices your school will need to have:

  • Full school-managed Windows, Mac, Chromebook or iPad devices - Devices must be fully managed and students cannot have admin rights.

  • Device Management - Schools must have a method to push the Family Zone apps to the devices. This could be MDM, GSuite or another way. If devices are already home with students, schools must be able to deploy the software to devices remotely.

  • Directory access or usernames - We will need the ability to sync to Azure/Google directories OR an export of your LDAP usernames.

Parent Support

Protecting BYO Devices
Schools will be able to support their parent community by offering free protection for children's devices. This will be optional for parents and is achieved by parents installing the Family Zone Insights tool, which will then apply the school's internet policies during the school's remote learning hours - eliminating digital distractions and protecting from harmful content.

Parents Guide to Remote Learning
Your parents will have access to practical video resources to help guide and support them during remote learning. These have been developed in conjunction with leading cyber safety experts, endorsed by The Office of the eSafety Commissioner. 

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