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Want to make a difference in keeping kids safe online? Earning money with the Family Zone affiliate program is easy. Spread the word about Family Zone products and services, and every time your customers make a purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

Why Family Zone?

Family Zone is an innovative global cyber safety ecosystem.

Our product empowers parents, schools and communities to keep families safe online; it solves a problem that all families with kids now face.

Easy to set up and all billing handled by Family Zone.

Variable commission structure based upon number of referrals. Sell more, earn more.

Account manager support.

Marketing material to promote to your audience.

Your customers receive a discounted offer.

Key Affiliate attributes


Passion to empower parents to manage their child’s digital world.

An existing online

Ability to promote the benefits of Family Zone to your trusted audience.

Willingness to provide feedback about what we can do better.


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