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Cyber Experts teach Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship across the US

Family Zone has partnered with incredible individuals across the US to teach digital citizenship, cyber safety, and help avoid disastrous consequences like online gaming, porn addiction and teen depression linked to FOMO.  They're all parents and professionals from different trades, who, for many, have decided to drop their previous professional life to help youth and adults take back control of their lives by consuming digital content with moderation and a critical eye. 

Our internet filtering and screen time management software is the helmet that tops off their cyber safety training! 

Meet Our Cyber Experts: 

They give talks in communities, schools and religious institutions for parents, educators, kids, teens and young adults and keep the guidelines in our family portal current as apps appear.  Contact us to have them educate your community about digital citizenship!

Denise DeRosa: Cyber Sensible  - Bethesda, MD  (Washigton, DC area)

Denise founded Cyber Sensible in 2015 to provide online safety and digital citizenship advice to families, parents, youth and schools.Mrs. DeRosa is an experienced media professional with a Master's Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University and several years of experience with highly recognized organizations including AOL, VH1 and Comedy Central. Denise is a married mother to three enthusiastic users of technology and understands firsthand the challenges parents face in managing tech use in their homes.

Susan Wind - Parents KNOwmoreMooresville, North Carolina

Susan Wind is a college professor who has taught, designed and implemented Criminal Justice Courses throughout the US for the past fifteen years. She has worked in different entities of the criminal justice system (law enforcement and probation). For the past eleven years, she has been doing consulting work with a National Banking Company, who provides training to financial institutions all over the U.S. relating to cybercrimes (i.e., money laundering, identity theft, atm/debit card thefts, fraud, etc.).

For the past four years, she has been conducting research and offering programs to local businesses on social media awareness and cyber-bullying. Susan has published numerous articles on this topic and has developed curriculum for schools to implement in their training programs.

Lemarr Treadwell - Screen Time Cyber Partners - Fresno, California

Lemarr is a 2018 MIE-Expert, an adjunct Professor, Teacher of Education at Fresno Pacific University, a CUE Lead Learner. Recently USA Rep to Microsoft E2 Singapore. 

Kafi Ugenleye - Help Kids Succeed -  Dallas, Texas

Kafi is a mom of 3 kids: two are in middle school and one is in elementary school. She's constantly browsing the internet for worksheets and helpful resources to augment her kid’s school work.

She's also found that success in school also comes from providing good nutrition, a safe environment, good habits and good ol’ prayer.

Alison Jacobson - Safety Mom- Connecticut

Alison has exploded onto the national scene as the preeminent voice on safety, wellness and healthy living. From environmental toxins and healthy eating to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children – newborns to teens – as well as the entire family.   She is the mom of three children, the oldest with intellectual disabilities.


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