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Who's Watching Your Child on Yubo?

Yellow, a.k.a. “Tinder for Teens,” earned a reputation as a playground for predators and pedophiles when it was released in early 2017.

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Mobile Apps grooming

‘The patient, polite predator’: how some online predators groom victims, as told by ex cyber crimes detective Brett Lee

In an excerpt from former cybercrimes detective Brett Lee’s book; Screen Resolution, we learn from his real life experiences in the field.

'During investigations, detectives came across a concerning website called BoyChat that provided them with a clear insight into the mindset of adult men who prefer teenage boys, or younger, for sex. They refer to themselves, as do the police, as ‘boy lovers’ and are a very distinctive type of criminal. They appear to be far more committed than other child sex offenders, more focused, and harder to catch. They express their anger regularly as they harbour a grudge from knowing how society perceives them. Before stumbling on their website, detectives knew these individuals existed on the internet, but it was extremely difficult to establish their identities. BoyChat gave them an online forum in which to connect, network, empower each other, and normalise their behaviour. Their motto is ‘You are not alone’, and their constant themes include reassuring each other that it is okay to be a predator and encouraging each other to embrace their feelings. The site encourages them to act on their desires rather than seek help for their illness.

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Mobile Apps grooming

‘The Five Stages a Predator Follows’: former Police Cyber Crimes detective shares the typical MO of an online predator

In a new excerpt from former cyber crimes detective Brett Lee’s book; Screen Resolution, he shares the process followed by online predators when they select and groom a victim. Based upon his experience.

Predators use techniques designed to break through the defences of even the best-trained children, and unfortunately, the nature of technology provides the perfect environment for them to achieve this.

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Mobile Apps grooming

‘The one we least expected’: a real life example of online grooming, as told by the detective who caught the predator

In an excerpt from former cybercrimes detective Brett Lee’s new book; Screen Resolution, we learn what it’s like to be groomed by an online predator.

‘Ernie was more aggressive than any predator I had encountered previously. The investigation started out just like any other. In the course of our normal online activities, we were contacted by a criminal.

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