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Pause before you post

Are your kids' thumbs working faster than their brains? This time-tested fix could help.

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“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains”

Is your gut telling you social media may be harming your kids?

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What's keeping them up at night?

Attack of the Sleep Vampires: How the blue light emitted by screens is keeping your family up at night - and what to do about it.

“Blue light” sounds almost magical. But the effect of blue light exposure, emitted by LED-lit smartphones, tablets and flat screen TVs, is anything but. Study after study has found that this short-wave, high-energy illumination is a virtual sleep vampire, draining both the quality and quantity of our children’s rest.

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Mobile Apps online gambling

Gamer today, gambler tomorrow?

In Melbourne Cup week, the whole nation takes a punt. But that’s not the only high-stakes action around.

Here’s the tip: New research is showing children who are gamers are more likely to become gamblers. What are the odds your son or daughter is at risk?

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Mobile Apps instagram

Meet your child's Insta-Bully

Instagram now ranks as the number-one social networking site for cyber bullying.


If uber-cool kids like Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Emma Stone, and Miley Cyrus can become victims of cyberbullying - and yes, it’s happened to all of them - it can happen to anybody. Your child very much included.

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5 tips for parents on coping through exam stress

If your teens are heading into exams, the tension temperature in your household can go through the roof.

It starts with sleep deprivation - theirs and yours. Our study of over 1,000 parents and students has shown that 80% of teens lose between 2-4 hours of sleep each night, it’s no wonder parents may struggle to manage the stress fall-out.

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Mobile Apps sexting

What parents need to know about sexting

Parents give their teens a smartphone so they can stay in contact with them. But, for teens it's the key to their social life.

Majority of teens just use their smartphones for social media or watching YouTube on the go, but with a camera at the ready and someone they like asking for a nude photo - it’s very easy for even the most sensible teens to get caught up in sexting.

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Mobile Apps grooming

‘The patient, polite predator’: how some online predators groom victims, as told by ex cyber crimes detective Brett Lee

In an excerpt from former cybercrimes detective Brett Lee’s book; Screen Resolution, we learn from his real life experiences in the field.

'During investigations, detectives came across a concerning website called BoyChat that provided them with a clear insight into the mindset of adult men who prefer teenage boys, or younger, for sex. They refer to themselves, as do the police, as ‘boy lovers’ and are a very distinctive type of criminal. They appear to be far more committed than other child sex offenders, more focused, and harder to catch. They express their anger regularly as they harbour a grudge from knowing how society perceives them. Before stumbling on their website, detectives knew these individuals existed on the internet, but it was extremely difficult to establish their identities. BoyChat gave them an online forum in which to connect, network, empower each other, and normalise their behaviour. Their motto is ‘You are not alone’, and their constant themes include reassuring each other that it is okay to be a predator and encouraging each other to embrace their feelings. The site encourages them to act on their desires rather than seek help for their illness.

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