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Mobile Apps teen safety

5 signs your child may be a victim of Cyber bullying

43% of young people under 17 have reported being bullied online. With numbers like that, there’s a chance your child may be part of this statistic.

How can parents tell if their child is being bullied online, if they won’t open up to them about it? Clinical Psychologist and Cyber Expert Jordan Foster from ySafe suggests that the signs may not always be so obvious to parents.

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Mobile Apps teen safety

‘It’s your right as a parent’: a view on digital parenting from ex undercover policeman Brett Lee

Do teenagers deserve privacy online? A former cybercrimes detective shares his view.

At Family Zone, we often hear feedback from parents saying that they’re apprehensive to monitor what their teenager is doing online as they fear it’s a breach of their child's right to privacy. After discussing this feedback with Cyber Expert and ex QLD police officer Brett Lee from Internet Safe Education, he has a much different opinion.

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Mobile Apps teen safety

5 apps and websites every parent of a teen needs to know about

Protecting kids online sometimes includes protecting them from themselves.

Popular apps and sites amongst teenagers can often include inappropriate content and a risk of cyberbullying and grooming. We've narrowed down some of the most popular apps and websites teenagers are using today.

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