About Family Zone

Our Story

How to create environments - at home, at school and everywhere in between - that free our kids to get the best out of the digital world, while protecting them from harm?

Family Zone was developed to meet that challenge.

It’s something most of us don’t think about until we have children. We didn’t, to be honest. As information technology professionals, our experience of the online world was overwhelmingly positive.

Instant access to the world’s knowledge, news and entertainment and to our own social networks? What’s not to like?

But once children entered the picture, the frame changed. As parents, we developed a new critical awareness. We started to realise that, with all the amazing opportunities technology offers, there were some serious downsides. Exposure to adult content. Cyberbullying. Privacy issues. Sleep disturbances. The potential for screen-time to overwhelm real-time.

Allowing our kids unfettered access to the internet, we started to see, is not only inadvisable. It’s downright dangerous to their well-being.

As our children entered school, we observed the same double-edged sword. On the one hand, digital devices held out the promise of astonishing educational riches. But without boundaries, they could just as easily become weapons of mass distraction.

Family Zone’s world-leading online control solutions were developed as a direct result of those  insights.

But blocking and restricting content is only half of our story. The other half is learning how to use technology - alongside our children - in a way that makes their lives richer and their minds more active.

Our mission is simple: to create environments where children can thrive.