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For Teachers

Family Zone Classroom: Tools that empower teachers to teach

Family Zone Classroom gives teachers the power to manage online access where it matters most: right in the classroom.

Think of it as your remote control for classroom internet.

Family Zone Classroom lets you manage online access for the entire class - as a whole, in groups or as individuals.

Family Zone Classroom enables teachers to

Focus an entire class to a single site or application

Pre-configure or set up their classes on the fly

Open and close access to sites and apps that support the lesson

Set up their own access policies for their classes with compliance still in tact

Message their students

Lock screens


Which students are on task, and who is distracted or wandering? Family Zone Classroom shows you exactly where students are looking online, in real time*.


Students who exhibit model online behavior deserve attention too. With feedback from Family Zone Classroom, you can identify and reward them.

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