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Technical Guides

Learn how schools are keeping their students safe, happy and healthy

  • School Manager

  • A brief guide to Cloud Management of Family Zone School Manager.

  • Family Zone Classroom

  • A technical guide to deploying Classroom in a variety of directory configurations

  • Identification of VPN Based Filter Avoidance

  • A technical guide to using a statistical approach to identify and block unwanted VPN traffic on computer networks.

  • Authentication and Identity Management

  • A technical guide to User Authentication and Identity Management with Family Zone School Manager.

  • Layer 7 Visibility and Control

  • A guide to Application and Layer 7 Visibility and Control with Family Zone Schol Manager.

  • Deployments and Network Topologies

  • A technical guide to deploying Family Zone School Manager in different network topologies

  • SchoolManager API

  • A technical guide to integrating with School Manager.

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