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If you’re a teacher, nobody understands the importance of cyber safety better than you do.

And nobody understands how to achieve it better than we do.

Family Zone's world-leading technology enables schools and parents to protect children’s mobile devices at home, at school and everywhere in between.

For a limited time only, we’re offering teachers the opportunity to protect their own kids’ devices with a Special Introductory Offer.

Complete cyber safety for every connected device

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Includes 12 month subscription.
$5.95 per month after 12 months.

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Will Family Zone slow down the internet?

No. Family Zone uses an innovative ‘fast filtering technology’ on the Home Networking service. The effect of the Family Zone filters should be imperceptible to most users. Family Zone also by default does not block or track adult users. And our Box includes an Unfiltered WiFi network so adults, media devices or whatever else you choose can be easily set to bypass the Family Zone entirely.

Will it block adult internet use or Netflix?

Only if you want it to. Adults are assigned an Adult Profile by default. This profile has relaxed policy settings. Family Zone also offers an Unfiltered WiFi network which can be used to bypass the Family Zone entirely.

Can I control my kids access to social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat?

Yes. Family Zone enables you to choose and block the sites and apps you don’t want your kids to access. It works with most of the popular social media sites, including Instagram, KIK, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. You can selectively choose access levels, and apply different settings for younger or older kids.

Is it complex or hard to set-up?

No. You don’t need to be a technology genius to get up and running. Generally it’s as easy as plugging the Family Zone Box into your home modem router. Then, you just need to get your home computers and devices onto the Family Zone WiFi network - the same as you would joining any WiFi network. If you are absolutely tech-averse, you can always get our partners at the Computer Troubleshooters to set up everything in your home for a low once-off fee. Once you’re connected, you can choose recommended settings created by a Cyber Expert - professionals who keep up to date with technology, apps and online risks, so that you don’t have to!.

Can it control how much time my kids spend online?

Yes. Each member of your family has a routine. This is the times of the day which are classified as sleep, school, study and play time. Internet access settings are different for each of these routine times. You can quickly change these routines to the nearest 15 minutes allowing you to tailor internet access to your family’s needs.

Will it work with technology at school?

Yes. Family Zone’s technology has been designed to work in harmony with school technologies. In fact, more and more schools are recommending Family Zone to parents to manage child’ safety online.

What is a Cyber Expert? Do I need one?

The use of connected technology is changing so fast. Risks emerge daily and few parents can keep up. Understanding this challenge we have teamed up with trusted Cyber Experts. By choosing a Cyber Expert you adopt their recommendations and take advantage of their ongoing efforts to identify and limit the threats to your kids, which means one less thing you have to worry about! Of course you can do-it-yourself, however we strongly recommend you benefit from the experience of Cyber Experts. To find out more, check out our Cyber Experts page.

How does Family Zone work?

Family Zone works in two ways. Firstly, at home, there’s the Family Zone box that is connected to your WiFi modem. This effectively filters internet content and ensures that all devices on the network are safe and protected online. Secondly, for when kids are out-and-about on their smart devices, there’s a mobile App which is consistent with the settings they have at home. You can control everything via the easy to use Zone Manager app or login online via a web browser.

Can kids bypass or uninstall the Family Zone?

If using the Family Zone Box (home networking) it’s unlikely they can unless they access your old WiFi network. So when implementing the Family Zone you should remove your child’s access to other home WiFi networks.

If out-and-about on a smart device and being protected by the Family Zone App, if a child deletes the App they’ll be disconnected from the internet and you’ll be quickly alerted. There are more sophisticated ways kids may try to hack or violate the App or the device’s operating system. Family Zone can typically detect these and will notify you.